Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge and what do we get for our money?

This will basically depend on you.  A basic fee is charged. 

For the creation of a unique ceremony and professional presentation of your ceremony please refer to the ‘FEE STRUCTURE’ tab for more information.

I am not 18. Can I get married?

The Bride and Groom must both have reached the age of 18 and I must sight original birth certificates and photo identification as proof of age.  If either the Bride or the Groom are not yet 18, consent to marry must be given by a Magistrate and the parents.  

How soon can we get married?

1 calendar month from the date I receive your correctly completed, signed and witnessed NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE (NOIM Form 13).

What documents do I need?


  • Birth Certificates (official translation if overseas)
  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Evidence that any previous marriage has ended  - Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate

Where can I get the certificates I need?

Australian - Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Overseas – Official translation 

How long does the ceremony take?

Usually about 30 minutes.  The time taken will depend on you, what you want and the venue where the ceremony will take place.

We got married overseas. Can we get married again here in Australia, in front of our family and friends who could not attend?

No. You are already legally married.  You can however, have a ceremony to renew your vows or a commitment ceremony  – these are non- legal ceremonies.  These ceremonies can be just as beautiful and meaningful as your wedding.

We have someone we would like to be part of our ceremony. Can we do this? How?

Absolutely.  This will be YOUR ceremony. 

You must have 2 witnesses who are 18 or over to sign the legal documents on the day.

Other family and friends may like to recite a poem, or perform a reading that has special significance.

I am not comfortable allowing the reading to go ahead without your consent or if I have not seen it.

Don’t forget though, time may be a factor and family and friends will have the opportunity to be part of your special day at your Reception. Sometimes readings and poems are better saved for the reception.

I want to surprise my partner with a marriage ceremony. Can you help me?

No. Both parties are required to have signed the ‘Notice Of Intended Marriage’, having presented the correct documentation required.

Consent to a legal marriage must not be made under duress or other influences eg. Intoxification (alcohol or drugs). 

A report will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office if necessary.

A Commitment Ceremony may be the answer here.

What is the difference between a marriage ceremony and a commitment ceremony?

A marriage ceremony is a legal ceremony and there is a legal section called the MONITUM that must be performed. The MONITUM must not be included in a commitment ceremony.

Legal certificates and papers must be signed at a marriage ceremony. There are no papers that must be signed at a Commitment Ceremony, however, you can sign a certificate if you wish.

Commitment certificates are not legal documents. These will not look like marriage certificates and can not be used as such.  No legal records are kept of the ceremony. You do not need to have a certificate at all – it is a personal choice.

Can we exchange rings during a ceremony other than a marriage?

Yes, or you can exchange special gifts. A ceremony is an opportunity for you to show love and appreciation to someone special, or bring to life a promise.  Sometimes these can be quite humorous.