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Night Ceremony
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Renewal of Vows

The union of 2 lives into 1 is very special. Overtime relationships change, feelings change and life situations change.

By renewing your vows, you are sharing with your family and friends your bond that is as strong now as it was the day you were married - reliving your wedding day with a unique and special celebration.

There are many reasons why you may renew your vows and it does not matter how long you have been married.

You may have recently been married overseas and wish to share the happiness of your union with family and friends who could not attend your wedding.

You may have reached a special anniversary or survived a major interruption in your lives.

A partner may be seriously ill or seconded to Military service overseas.

Even though you do not need to prove anything to each other, you want to celebrate your devotion, commitment and love for each other - 'YOUR FOREVER'

Your feelings for each other will be transformed into a unique ceremony which can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

If you can remember your original vows – fantastic, otherwise we can work together to create a piece which will be just as special.